the video game coming to the console in 20 minutes

SUPER JIXAW 64 tells the real [citation needed] story behind the creation of award winning hip-hop classic and the monumental odds Jixaw and his crap mates overcame to see their artistic vision come to fruition. Against all odds they found themselves embroiled in a conspiracy and tangled in a web of debt and criminal underworld drug lords intent on destroying the project.

You assume the role of Jixaw, professional welder and competitive beatboxer, who embarks on an epic once-in-a-lifetime mission to recover material stolen from the studio in a cowardly nighttime heist. You must run, jump, and crawl throghout the pocket dimensions of Live Sports HQ to recover the stolen material so that you can finish and release the album, and confront those responsible for its delay.

With over 7 minutes of content, incredible visuals, gripping gameplay and edge-of-your-toilet cinematics and storytelling, SUPER JIXAW 64 is a video game.


RELEASE DATE: 11/4/2022

System Requirements
CPU: Intel Core i3 / Ryzen 3 or better with at least dual cores
GPU: Nvidia 750Ti / R7 265 or better (slower GPUs might work but could be buggy due to missing features idk)
Memory: 4GB (8GB total or more)
Sound: Stereo 44.1khz
OS: Windows 10 or later (64bit only) / macOS (Intel only for now) / Linux support unconfirmed but likely
Storage: (to be confirmed)